Phoenix Card

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Renting an ATM allows you the option of sharing a percentage of surcharge profit with the company for a quality partnership of ZERO risk to merchant.

PHOENIX CARD also allows you to have the ATM for a fixed monthly payment deducted from the monthly surcharge profit for a flexible time frame.

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FOR AGENTS and Merchants

Quick terminal set-up and easy maintenance .
HOENIX CARDNET transactions are sponsored by RBS CITIZENS N.A.  
to support all national networks available like STAR, VISA and Master Card, in addition most foreign cards transactions will cost our merchants about half through RBS world pay. Many European cards will be treated as domestic, saving U.S merchants what other Big U.S. bank will not be able to offer.
Here at PHOENIX CARD, we provide key management tools which include: hardware and warranty records, cash forecasting, automated  accounting and split profit  reports for investors and small companies utilizing state of the art data base.


Turn key Placement:

  • Armored Car PLACEMENTS are available for high traffic facilities (over 1000 people/day).
  • Investor managed PLACEMENTS are guaranteed for busy gas stations and c- stores, some restaurants and colleges .