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MB 1700 Series
The Hantle 1700W, Windows based  is TDES and ADA compliant out of the box, including a PCI/VISA or Interac certified encrypting PIN pad (EPP), a voice assisted guidance system, and lighted action indicators (including lighted keypad).
  • optional Dial or digital safe locks
  • Optional 1000/2000 Notes cassette
  • TCP/IP & dialup modem



When ordering your new Hantle machines, there are now several new dispenser options.

TCDU - Fixed Cassette This dispenser remains unchanged.  800 note capacity, fixed cassette.

SCDU - 1000 note Removeable Cassette This dispenser remains unchanged. 1K note capacity, fixed cassette.

MCDU-II - 1700 note Removeable Cassette Previously the MCDU has been available in multi-cassette configurations.  From now on the MCDU will only be available with a single cassette. This dispenser has been completely revised to improve reliability and performance. This new MCDU II is a great option if you need the extra capacity but have no need for a multi-cassette solution.

HCDU - Single/Multi Cassette The new HCDU will replace the MCDU as a multi-cassette platform. This new dispenser is higher speed and uses an all new chipset for high performance.  Bolt pattern remains same as MCDU, so older machines with multi-cassettes can switch to HCDU if needed for service.

Customers with previous model MCDU dispensers: Parts and service remain for all MCDU dispensers, however going forward if you need to replace a dispenser you'll have the choice of a MCDU-2 (single) or a HCDU (multi).  There are no software or hardware updates required to switch.

If you have any questions about the new dispenser configurations, please contact technical support.

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The Hantle t4000 ATM provides an economical, high performance through-the-wall solution with the look and feel of an actual bank ATM. 

Designed and built with compact modular components and engineered for easy installation and reliable operation. The t4000 includes a host of high-end features including a 10.4” Sun-Viewable Color LCD supporting custom screen advertisements and communication via 56K Modem or integrated Ethernet (SSL).  A rear-service panel allows convenient and safe access for ATM Operators and Service personal

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Fix ‘em vs. Scrap ‘em  


With the price of new ATMs at an all time low the parts business has suffered because of the willingness to scrap units that would have been repaired in the past.  The problem has been the pricing of repair parts – the parts pricing didn’t reflect the decline in the cost of new equipment.


Tranax has addressed this issue – check out your new parts pricing -   maybe you don’t have to throw that unit away after all – think of it as “going green” and keeping the land fill clear of those old ATM bodies –


Hey – in this ATM market there might be more potential to make money in the parts business than in the new equipment business – so don’t let this slip through your fingers.


Happy repairing!




    Bill Dunn
Vice-President of Sales
Tranax Technologies, Inc.


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