Phoenix Card

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Customer support numbers

In some instances, our merchants may need to obtain a voice authorization, due to malfunctioning equipment, etc. Below are the numbers they would call for each card network.


American Express (Standard): 1.800.528.2121

American Express (Reverse PIP): 1.800.528.2121

Discover: 1.800.347.1111

Diners: 1.800.525.9040

JCB: 1.800.522.8788

EBT: 1.888.248.4727

Voyager: 1.800.987.6589

Wright Express: 1.800.492.0669

Customer Service:For all processing difficulties,Batches,EBT setup,Initialize,partial or complete download

1-800-859-5965  Option 3
Hardware Support:

1-800-859-5965 Option 2