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Please complete the following form, or fax receipt to (888) 922 4286
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Notice to Agents andCash loaders:

please obtain ATM Journal record, If ATM record shows cash dispensed, respond and fax us this journal within the allowed time granted for dispute.


If customer complained to you directly,never pay him cash.Instead fill in the dispute form on behalf of the customer for fast resolution and you will avoid any charge backs that will happen if customer complained to his bank.


EBT transactions: response to EBT disputes on cards issued in california will need Journal record and the ATM  balance record, explaining exactly how much was loaded, dispensed and remaining amount. We recommend you do day close and cassette close every visit to the ATM, because if you did not do both before the dispute, then you will not be able to provide  good balancing to the bank and even if your record shows money dispensed, your response could be denied and charge back will apply.