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ATM help Notes for agents

To See ATM balance on Line: 

ptions must be enabled at the terminal

  • Triton terminals, WRG Vision, Fast Cash, Genesis and Phoenix terminals (Status Messaging option must be Enabled)

  •  Hantle /Genmega /Hyosung   terminals with Tranax Emulation(Health Message must be Enabled with minimum of 2hrs. interval)

  • Hantle/Genmega /Hyosung  terminals with Triton emulation(Status Monitoring option must be Enabled)

     Enabling Status Monitoring, will  updated web monitoring after each transaction   with the amount of cash left in the ATM.

  • Hantle and Hyosung ATM’s when programmed with Tranax Emulation will only send to processor the number of bills that are in the dispenser, not the denomination, on the Health Check Interval (minimum 2 hours).  Processor  “assumes” the dispenser is loaded with $20’s, which is how the balance is able to be displayed. We recommend using Triton Emulation for real time updates

Before reprogramming ATM

 Please make sure you Print Journal report, perform Day and Cassette closes.
It's operator's responsibility ( if you loose journal) to pay for any future dispute or money shortage claims

ATM receipt blank

Turn the paper roll around. The shiny side must face the printer cutting head.

Electronic lock not responding

Please change lock  9 volts batter .

ATM in error

  • Error D18xx  communication error
  • Error  C xxxx Dispenser error , first check money jam
  • F0001 ATM out of cash
  • Axxx  Printer error