Support numbers and online access:

Support & Terminal Replacement : Contact Phoenix Cardnet 1(888)972-4286

After hours support  : Worldpay 1(888) 208-7231

option 1 :tech support

option 2: billing

for Charge back please fax receipts along with bank letter to 1(888)922-4286


To Locate a charge back refund: 1(844) 309-7609

POS Online Access (800)472-3164

EBT ( SNAP) retailer help desk 1(877)823-4369

To test if  food stamp card acceptance , EBT ( SNAP), is set on your terminal , you may perform transaction for the following card # 9999-9998-1200-0005  PIN =0005  

Response code 7, means service is set and ready.

Retailer application to accept food stamp - link

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to collect funds after failed settlement or failed terminal

In case a terminal goes down, with transactions not settled, please gather your receipts, and immediately call level-1 support at 1(888)208-7231 option (1), and request a batch close. Receipts will help support finding the batch in question.

If funds are not received in 48 hours, please call support again and request card numbers with expiration dates, for each sales receipt, and re-key transactions on your new working terminal. 

Depending on support persons to do that, might waste time,  and cause disputes as customers may not recognize their transactions after a while.

Note, failure to receive funds, does not mean a third party can benefit or use such fund, because money of un-settled transactions will go back to card-holder.

1(888) 208 7231

Countertop Payment terminals


VeriFone VX520, Support

Voice Authorization:

 VISA/MC   1 (888) 999 8546,    American Express 1 (800) 528 2121,    Voyager 1(800)987-6589

Discover   1(800)347-1111,     Diners 1(800)525-9040 ,    JCB 1(800)522-8788



Void is done same day ( before batching the terminal)

REFUND is done later on after settlement is performed. When doing a refund to a debit card, terminal will prompt for pin , please respond by pushing ENTER button to bypass otherwise you may get a decline.

Anytime cashier gets a system error,  it is a message from processor of unsupported option. example, trying to do a refund on EBT after terminal is settled, is not allowed and not supported by Worldpay, causing a system error message. Yes some other banks do support EBT refunds, under the risk of non compliance and audits  to retailer. Alternative options  if a customer came back to return spoiled food, store  may offer an exchange of such food only and that remains governed strictly by store policy. West Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale Miami

EBT Refund requests national policy

Initialize pin pad

When using external pin pad like VX805. If Pin pad is not responding , initializes by performing the following steps:

Press ENTER , >> Press MORE ( purple button above #1) >> Then press F4 init ext pinpad

- If F4 does not show initialize option please call us for guidance. pos pos support point of sale West Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale Miami

New terminals decline certain cards

  •    For Apple pay please use main terminal  not the pin pad.

- For other payments , we can learn hat new machines from late 2018 ,including  different models and different banks shows certain chip cards decline especially from Capital one, being not up to date, however they can be accepted by manual entry.

- Some master Cards may cause terminals to shut down and a restart. Please do not insert card again in terminal but after restarting terminal, we may enter card numbers and expiration manually, if still decline such card shall not be honored.

Find out more 1(888)972-4286

Save costly PCI requirements of windows or Android Systems

Countertop terminals does not store card information after daily settlements nor it is possible to compromise card data transferred through a VX520 terminal. For this specific reason, some stores separate their inventory control systems from card acceptance terminals for the benefit of avoiding possible hefty fees of compromised cards.