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Born from the ash of sole energy, goal of success and simple belief of capitalization around the attitude of "work as if you will never need the money"; we did well and the bird" PHOENIX" landed on the second print of our business card, after DIGITAL DIRECT SERVICES.

Started 1998, PHOENIX CARDNET maintained about 35% growth rate by establishing a solid customer base and providing first class technical support services.

1998 was a very unique and attractive year to selling ATMs as some companies made more than $15,000.00 per sale. PHOENIX CARDNET distanced itself from these selling practices to the ideas of business integrity and spirit of decency, which continued to drive our business growth and contagiously spread itself around to our agents who appreciated the talk about transparency and integrity of business presentations, because this works.

The purpose of this Web site is to enhance the support services we provide to our customers. We've provided a number of resources here to help you report and resolve issues, suggest improvements and learn about our products

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